Our goal at Maven is to never forget we’re in the business of recruiting and placing people. Actual people. Candidates are more than resumes and companies are more than quarterly earnings. We treat people as people. We’re honest with them. We meet them over coffee instead of over email. We celebrate what makes each person and company unique, instead of directing them to a webpage.

Jessica Vann

Founder and CEO
“I love your intensity and professionalism. Today was a better day because I met you."

SF native Jessica founded Maven in March 2010. Her mission is to cultivate our top-notch team and to distill our values and approach throughout the organization. A true lover of the ghost pepper (a love not yet shared by her 8-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son), Jessica is not only bold in her food choices and loud typing, but just about everything she does, including her hair colors.

Kevin Baker

Vice President, Team & Customer Success
“Kevin trailblazes the path to excellence in every professional endeavor.”

Kevin stumbled upon his passion for leading others and growing teams while building out a recruiting agency on Oahu – tough, right? Today, Kevin continues to live out his passion right here in SF where he still enjoys the blue water (though slightly colder) as an avid sailor. Kevin’s adventuresome spirit is represented through not only his one-of-a-kind stories, but also through the rotating photo album-travelogue sitting on his desk. Every day Kevin finds new ways to unleash our team’s potential - and every day his high energy and commendable work ethic is kick-started with an iced coffee with a dash of cinnamon!

Leslie Crain

Business Operations Manager
“It’s so nice to come into the office and be greeted by a lovely smile and wonderful attention.”

When you walk through Maven’s front door, Leslie is the first person you see. If her smile doesn’t make you feel instantly welcome, her Southernisms will! As Business Ops Manager, Leslie handles mostly every task but the actual recruiting. Leslie’s background in academia, including teaching English abroad, has honed not only her stellar editing skills, but also her ability to read several books in a week.

Gillian Lopez

Account Director & Expansion Lead
“Job searches are basically the worst, but recruiters like you make things so much easier.”

Gillian’s background in wedding and private event planning for a CA winery made her a natural fit as a Maven matchmaker, guiding hiring managers and executives to their perfect hires, just as she did brides to their perfect weddings. When Gillian isn’t using her endless optimism and energetic personality to help actively build relationships with clients, she’s surfing or training for triathlons with her purple bike aptly named Barney.

Hayley Morrison

Recruiter & Team Lead, Permanent
"You were the bomb: such a delight and truly professional in your work!"

Born and raised in Seattle, Hayley has made her way to California to discover a love for tacos, scuba diving and recruiting (a winning combination). Hayley is a strong advocate for her Direct Hire candidates, working tirelessly to help them find their dream role. You read it for yourself, they call her "the bomb." Our team can always count on Hay-Mo to jump in and help out wherever needed. Whether it's writing a blog, covering for another recruiter on vacation, putting together an invite list for an upcoming event or making a Starbuck's run on a long day, she has every Maven's back... always.

Amber Liu

Account Director & Team Lead, Temporary
“I'm glad you were the one who ended up meeting and helping me. You're awesome at your job!”

After a chance encounter with a mutual friend on BART, Amber was brought in from her technical recruiting job to recruit for Maven’s Temp Team. When she’s not contacting candidates and clients, Amber is either in line at Chipotle or Snap-chatting pics of her favorite dachsunds, "the girls." She’s known around the office for wearing a lot of black and having a neat desk that includes an array of chapsticks. Yes, chapstick.

Haley Garrison

Marketing & Events Associate
“You are really creating a great, recognizable brand.”

Haley is Maven’s creative storyteller who looks for new opportunities to leverage our brand. She leads everything from social media presence and blog content to brand partnerships and events. Aside from her Marketing efforts, she’s mostly known as the adventure queen who spends her evenings surfing with her other half. Prior to Maven, Haley was studying in the hills of Santa Barbara (her favorite place on Earth) and acquiring various Marketing skills at a tiny-house (on wheels) company! If you walk past her desk, you’ll likely see a tropical kale smoothie, a photo of Hawaii and macaron sticky notes – a few of her favorite things.

Kate Mahoney

Recruiter, Permanent  
“You helped me find my dream job!”

Although her official title is Recruiter for the Perm Team, Kate’s candidates would likely refer to her as a coach, therapist, match-maker, and friend. From her Anthropologie outfits and homemade lunches to her passion for health and wellness and love for French bulldogs – she's every Maven’s inspiration! And if that’s not enough, she can make a Matcha Tea Latte like no one else. When she’s not sourcing new candidates, she’s taking her pup on a walk to the park to enjoy the San Francisco weather.

Shirin Esmaili

Account Director, Temporary
“Shirin could be a personal coach, if she so chose.”

Shirin found her herself at Maven after working at a company self-styled as the Airbnb of all water experiences – and after casually traveling to Peru and Machu Picchu! Aside from experiencing the world’s greatest wonders, she works with temp candidates and companies to provide a superior temporary placement experience. A total extrovert, Shirin’s love for improv and her mad karaoke skills translate seamlessly to the recruiting space. Her favorite brunch food is a mimosa (that counts!) and her favorite person is her rescue dog named Chappy (that counts, too!).

Stefanie Jass

Account Director, Temporary
"You gave me the confidence I needed after feeling beat down on my job hunt."

Stef's love for helping her candidates land their dream jobs is only surpassed by her love for her sweet Cocker Spaniel, Liko. Stefanie brings her prior recruiting experience to the table in her role as Temp Team Account Director, seamlessly helping clients and candidates find the best fit on both sides. On a sunny day, if she's not hard at work at the office, Stefanie's at the park playing fetch with her pup.

Gillian Barnes

Account Director, Temporary
“I can’t wait to share with you how my first day on the new job goes!”

Gillian, who’s picked up the nickname “Barnes” with multiple Gillians in the office, is an Account Director for Maven's Temporary division. Her day-to-day includes playing cupid between her clients and her candidates. Before making her way to SF, Barnes was enjoying the warm SoCal sunshine and acquiring her master cold-calling skills. When she’s not playing matchmaker at the office, you’ll likely find Barnes strolling the streets of the city, walking her corgi Henley and her rescue Sprinkles or looking for a new spot to play billiards. Fun Fact: Barnes prefers mimosas over coffee and she’s a total fangirl when it comes to Harry Potter and Princess Di.

Vanessa Domingo

Recruiting Coordinator, Temporary
When Vanessa called Maven for help with her job search, the Maven team spotted a potential recruiting coordinator in her resume, and the rest is history! Vanessa is our calendaring wiz: she specializes in scheduling phone and onsite interviews with candidates as well as building relationships with new clients. A lover of Japanese and Filipino food, Vanessa loves shopping on her lunch break even more (and after work…and before work…). Vanessa digs shopping.

Camille Parenteau

Recruiting Coordinator, Temporary
““Thanks again for reaching out to me; you have been very helpful in this process!”

It was while studying Business Administration with a focus in HR at Cal Poly SLO that Camille discovered her passion for Recruiting! Camille puts her mad color-coding skills to work by diligently scheduling interviews with candidates for our Recruiting team. Camille is known around the office for having tried 21 different flavors of Oreos (!!) and being one of the only Mavens who can keep a desk succulent alive. When she’s not sourcing or greeting candidates, Camille’s always looking to try out the new hip eatery in town and admittingly spends way too much time on Yelp doing so.


We believe the greatest sign of respect is telling people the truth and not wasting their time. 

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We learn more through a handshake and eye contact than we do through a long email.

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Discovering the imperceptible creates lasting relationships with candidates and companies.

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