Back to Basics: Job Hunting Email Blunders to Avoid

Your interview starts with the first email you send. Use care and edit accordingly!


 - Dana P. Hundley

There are many ways to ‘submit your resume’ for a job. For the sake of this post, let’s focus on the good old fashioned sending an email with your resume. Here is a quick, and very basic, checklist to make sure ‘phase one’ of your interview goes smoothly:

  1. Is your email address professional? (I know, seems like outdated advice, right? It’s not….)
  2. Do you know who you are addressing the email to? Cool, check the spelling of their name three times!
  3. Now here is the BIG ONE: You have crafted a nice little intro email that explains what you are applying for,  briefly why you are applying, and has a nice little call to action for your potential new employer. Awesome. This checklist isn’t about content (that’s a whole other post which we will get to later), so the basic check here is: have you EDITED your email with a fine-tooth comb?! I am talking spelling, grammar, punctuation and style! This is not the time for shorthand, abbreviations, slang or the wrong ‘there.’ This stuff matters! Your future employer cares about attention to detail, and if you can’t take the time to edit this very important email, they can go ahead and assume you are going to take the same care with their biggest client.
  4. Have you attached your resume? The correct one? Named something appropriate like “First Name Last Name_Resume,” right?
  5. Answer yes to all four? YEA! Send away!

Bonus Check Point:

* I bet you are applying to more than just one role…keep track: an Excel grid, an email folder just for submissions, or handwritten in your favorite journal/planner - just somewhere so that when you get that call back because you nailed the intro email you can quickly recall the basic, who, what, when, where!

Happy Hunting!