Our goal at Maven is to never forget we’re in the business of recruiting and placing people. Actual people. Candidates are more than resumes and companies are more than quarterly earnings. We treat people as people. We’re honest with them. We meet them over coffee instead of over email. We celebrate what makes each person and company unique, instead of directing them to a webpage. 



We believe the greatest sign of respect is telling people the truth and not wasting their time.

Touch over Tech

We learn more through a handshake and eye contact than we do through a long email

The Intangibles

Discovering the imperceptible  creates lasting relationships with candidates and companies.

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+ Jessica Vann
Founder and CEO

“I love your intensity and professionalism. Today was a better day because I met you."

SF native Jessica founded Maven in March 2010. Her mission is to cultivate our top-notch team and to distill our values and approach throughout the organization. A true lover of the ghost pepper (a love not yet shared by her 5-year-old daughter), Jessica is not only bold in her food choices and loud typing, but just about everything she does, including her hair colors.

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+ Dana Hundley
Account Director, Temporary

“You don't miss a beat. Maven dots all of the their I's, crosses all of their T's and loops backs around to sprinkle glitter on the top.”

Dana is a master of the Temp Team ins-and-outs, and prior experience in lifestyle PR makes her our very own PR maven, too. Dana manages temp candidates and clients from quick one-day fills to long-term assignments, pulling perfect solutions out of what seems to be thin air. Dana is an avid reader, er, listener of audiobooks on her commute to work. The only time you won’t find her at her desk is Wednesday afternoon, her designated coffee treat-day.

+ Amber Liu
Account Director, Temporary

“I'm glad you were the one who ended up meeting and helping me. You're awesome at your job!”

After a chance encounter with a mutual friend on BART, Amber was brought in from her technical recruiting job to recruit for Maven’s Temp Team. When she’s not contacting candidates and clients, Amber is either in line at Chipotle or Snap-chatting pics of her favorite dachsunds. She’s known around the office for wearing a lot of black and having a neat desk that includes an array of chapsticks. Yes, chapstick.


+ Christine Morico
Recruiter, Permanent


+ Jessica Canlas
Recruiting Coordinator

Jess is our Inbox Warrior. She is our first point of contact for incoming candidates, and she loves hearing how excited they are for new opportunities! Her skills as a new patient coordinator at UCSF come in handy every day as she schedules meetings with Mavens to help candidates find their dream job. If you find a coffee cup with a straw in it around the office, it’s definitely hers.

+ Susan Murphy
Director, Temporary Team

“I wish you were my daughter!”

Susan brings a high level of energy and enthusiasm to the office, as well as her extensive handbag collection! Between managing, mentoring, and guiding her Temp Team to achieve excellence, Susan is passionate about bringing in new business and cultivating those relationships. With her love of animals, we understand that if Susan doesn’t show up to work one day, it’s because someone has finally invented a Glarm (glamorous farm).

+ Gillian Kay Lopez
Account Manager

“Job searches are basically the worst, but recruiters like you make things so much easier.”

Gillian’s background in wedding and private event planning for a CA winery made her a natural fit as a Maven matchmaker, guiding hiring managers and executives to their perfect hires, just as she did brides to their perfect weddings. When Gillian isn’t using her endless optimism and energetic personality to help actively build relationships with clients, she’s surfing or training for triathlons with her purple bike aptly named Barney.


+ Shirin Esmaili
Account Director, Temporary

“Shirin could be a personal coach, if she so chose.”

Shirin Esmaili comes to Maven after working at a company self-styled as the AirBnB of all water experiences – and after traveling to Peru and Machu Picchu! When she’s not off to Peru, she works with temp candidates and companies to provide a superior temporary placement experience. Her favorite brunch food is a mimosa (that counts!).

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+ Julia Francis
Recruiter, Permanent

“Sometimes it’s the smile that says it all.”

As Recruiter for the Permanent Team, Julia is the first point of contact for applicants looking for their next dream job – and she’s our resident LinkedIn ninja! You can always find this Vermont native at her super-clean desk with a permanent cup of coffee. On weekends, when she’s not practicing or teaching Ashtanga, she’s happily eating a plateful of gluten-free Eggs Benedict.


+ Stefanie Jass
Account Director, Temporary

+ Jenna DeFabio
Director, Permanent Team

“You treat candidates like people and not just like seat-fillers.”

Jenna is the quarterback of the direct hire team, responsible for motivating and shaping them into matchmaking machines. She is also our resident Wikipedia, full of fun facts, and a human OpenTable as our go-to for restaurant recommendations. She loves samba, has danced in SF’s Carnaval three years in a row, and thinks brunch is the best excuse there is to have fancy drinks and dessert-disguised-as-food before noon.

+ Leslie Crain
Office Manager

“It’s so nice to come into the office and be greeted by a lovely smile and wonderful attention.”

When you walk through Maven’s front door, Leslie is the first person you see. If her smile doesn’t make you feel instantly welcome, her Southernisms will! As office manager, Leslie handles mostly every task but the actual recruiting. Leslie’s background in academia, including teaching English abroad, has honed not only her stellar editing skills, but also her ability to read several books in a week.

+ Vanessa Domingo
Recruiting Coordinator, Temporary

When Vanessa called Maven for help with her job search, Dana spotted a potential recruiting coordinator in her resume, and the rest is history! Vanessa is our calendaring wiz: she specializes in scheduling phone and onsite interviews with candidates as well as building relationships with new clients. A lover of Japanese and Filipino food, Vanessa loves shopping on her lunch break even more (and after work…and before work…). Vanessa digs shopping.

Maven - June 2016 - 013.jpg

+ Hayley Morrison
Recruiter, Permanent

Originally hailing from Seattle, Hayley is a recent transplant to SF by way of Southern California for school. Hayley is the first point of contact for all Direct Hire candidates, and after just her first week at Maven, she got a handwritten thank-you note from one of our candidates. It was that special touch that really made her know that we’re doing something great here at Maven! The other great thing that Hayley loves about Maven is that she can eat all the peanut M&M’s…or maybe no one has noticed yet…


Not only does working at Maven mean being part of the best team in the business, we have plenty of great perks, too. How do incentive bonuses, catered meals, profit-sharing, medical/dental/vision insurance, 401k, and a luxury year-end trip sound? Check out the opportunities below.

Account Manager

In this role, you’ll directly impact our client partnerships and generate results by managing client relationships and driving open searches.


  • Work with senior & C-Level officers to present candidates, schedule interviews, provide feedback, and negotiate offers
  • Work with internal recruiting team to match candidates to opportunities
  • Anticipate recruiting challenges, find solutions
  • Provide constructive input to clients
  • Conduct new business development activities
  • Share best practices contributing to Maven’s greater good

Bachelor’s degree, 3+ years of experience in recruiting, account management, or sales.

Recruiting Coordinator

You’re in charge of maintaining candidate flow and sourcing for administrative and HR candidates.  Additionally, it’s up to you to support our recruiters throughout the recruiting process by:

  • Evaluating resumes and initiating contact with candidates
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Conducting reference checks
  • Drafting job notes as well as monthly newsletters to our candidates
  • Maintaining postings on online job boards

Bachelor’s degree, strong writing skills, familiarity with Outlook, and 1+ year professional experience.


In this role, you will develop and maintain relationships with candidates.


  • Develop and maintain a network of qualified Executive Assistant and Human Resources candidates
  • Conduct in-person candidate interviews
  • Work with internal account management team to provide candidates for opportunities
  • Manage full life cycle of candidate process: initial communication, pitching and presentation of suitable roles, interview scheduling and feedback, presentation and acceptance of offer

Bachelor’s degree, 2+ years in recruiting or related professional experience.



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